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Royalty Clutch

Royalty Clutch

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Our exclusive collection of royalty handbags, handmade by highly skilled Indian artisans, stand out from the crowd!

They reveal the passion and finesse of traditional Persian art dated back several centuries ago!

Every single part of the product is carefully designed and developed by Indian artisans.

As these bags are not openly marketed, they cannot be found in shops or department stores which makes them unique.
Hand crafted on light alloy metal using soldering process, often with raw silk fabric on the outside, each bag goes through a process of multiple steps of 7 to 10 days. The metal bags are studded with bling gems and stones of 2 to 3 sizes and are electroplated in various colours but mostly in antique gold, bright gold, silver and black. 

The electroplating process as opposed to the process of spray painting ensures that the colour is long lasting.
They are a perfect solution for unique gifts and perfect wear for parties and events or even as everyday wear.